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The Hellenic Centre for Theatrical Research  Theatre Museum

  • Offers free guided tours round the galleries to young pupils, students, societies and any other group of visitors (appointment necessary)
  • Co – operates with museum educators to arrange visits for children of pre-school age
  • Arranges its own publications
  • Offers theatrical awards (the Kotopouli Acting Award, the Veaki Acting Award, the Panathinea Acting Award, the Fotos Politis Direction Award, the Panos Aravantinos Stage Desing Award, the Dimitris Mitropoulos Theatre Music Award).
  • Plans and organizes events related to theatre both in Greece and internationally, participates in similar events in Greece and abroad, co-operates with Theatre Museums and Theatre Centres of other countries with the aim of promoting Greek Theatre around the world.
  • Creates a data bank of actual theatre scripts (though the computerization of its Library) as well as various theatrical meterials and events (through the Archives computerization) with the aim of widening and perfecting the theatrical research and the history of Greek Theatre.
  • Designs the organizing of performances and seminars with a view to contributing to the theatrical culture and education in schools.
  • Sells albums, cards and books at the Museum entrance.  
  • Organizes and offers gratis conducted tours around the Museum to pupils of all school levels, also to students, theatre groups and other visitors.
  •  Cooperates with specialized tutors and hosts educational programs for children.
  • Its unique archive books or albums, which cite actors, authors or any other particular theatrical subjects in general, cooperates with Greek or foreign associations for the organization of exhibitions and assists with costumes and/or personal memorabilia other Theatre Museums (in Greece or abroad), whenever needed.
  • Offers in token price cards, books and albums.
  • Helps and assists many school theatre groups all over the country by offering them theatrical material (programs, photos, texts and, mostly, videotapes of excellent performances), while simultaneously enriching their theatre libraries.
  • Every two years, the Museum awards in a glorious ceremony Theatre Prizes to great Greek actors and actresses, directors, stage and costume designers, composers and choreographers, honouring them for their entire oeuvre.    
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